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Air Dancer Rental

Air dancers are one of the cheapest ways to liven up the atmosphere of an event, guide people to your event, and draw attention to your event! Tall, friendly and very effective, our air dancing men are your tireless partners at your event!

Big Top offers Air Dancing Tubes of various colours and faces. Let our hardworking air dancers help you out at your event! Contact us now to plant them at your event! They will be delighted to meet you and all your guests!

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Our rates include delivery, set up and collection of equipment.

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Why Choose Us?

Budget Friendly

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We do our best to ensure that the rates here are reasonable and good!

Professional Team

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A team of experienced people in the field will ensure success for your event!

Timely Responses

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Our team is always around to answer any inquiries you have!

All-In-One Event

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We have everything you need to execute your event!

Suitable for

Corporate events

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Best for Corporate Retreat, Office Opening, & Events!

Private parties

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Amazing for specific events, themes, or parties!

Special occasions

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Wonderful for Weddings, Birthday Parties, & Events!

Corporate Clients

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How long can I rent this for?

Depending on the period of your event, it can vary from hours to days! Just give us a call to determine the period of rental duration based on your event needs and requirements!

How does this rental service work?

Simple! All you have to do is contact us about your event details and needs, and we will help you through the process! Our team will discuss the details regarding availability, pricing, and any other additional servings you may need!

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