Arcade Games for Sale and Rental in Singapore

” You will never get bored with arcade games “

To my arcade-goers out there, I bet you agree with me on this. Arcade games were the legend that everyone was playing before technology kicked in. The times before video and online games were created before we all started being on discord and gaming with our friends.

Well, arcades are still a popular thing in recent days. There are many more arcades appearing in Singapore and it is always packed with people playing all the different games and exchanging their points with the prizes.

Big Top offers you a wide variety of arcade games you can choose from. From the ones you can race with your friends such as the motorbike racing, Daytona, Crazy Taxi and your usual racing arcade games to music games such as Drum Mania for the drummers, Dance Dance Revolution for the dancers and Guitar Freaks for the guitarist out there. We also have claw machine catchers, and our company offer customisable claw machines up for rental that you can have anywhere and everywhere!

Motorbike Racing Arcade Machine

Drum Mania Arcade Machine

Claw Catcher Arcade Machine

Big Top has tons of arcade games for rental including your favourites at the arcade that is your must go tos in an arcade!

To book, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our friendly sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! Alternatively, you may also WhatsApp us here!

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