Best Balloon Shop Delivery in Singapore 1

Best Balloon Shop Delivery in Singapore

Looking for the best balloon shop delivery in Singapore? When it comes to special occasion, balloons magically cheers someone up and hype up the mood of a party! Whether it’s floating balloons inflated with helium or a hand crafted balloon sculpture, you can be assured to put a smile on the receiver’s face! More than just a gift, sending balloons to your loved ones is a way of showing love, and that you remember the important dates of their lives.

Best Balloon Shop Delivery in Singapore 2

Balloon Shop has been in the balloon industry for more than 8 years, and they had just launched their new online balloon store that offers a one-stop balloon delivery services to your doorstep! Balloon Shop has a strong profile of celebrities, ministers and many other VIPs who ordered balloons from them, that doesn’t mean that their price is the most expensive; but in fact, the most competitive in Singapore. From just $1.50/helium balloon to $19.99 for a hand crafted flower bouquet balloon sculpture, and a standard flat rate of $30 islandwide delivery (for helium balloons), order cheap and high quality balloons from Balloon Shop today!

Other than helium balloons and personalised bubble balloons, Balloon Shop offers the following unique balloon products that no other company offers:

BB Floatex – Big Floating Cartoon Balloon

Created by the top balloon artist in Malaysia, Kelly Sashimi, every BB Floatex is customised to the client’s preference. BB Floatex is the only balloon sculpture that is able to float in the market!

Best Balloon Shop Delivery in Singapore 3

Balloon Sculptures Delivery

Hand crafted by professional balloon artists, Balloon Shop offer balloon sculptures delivery such as flower bouquet, bride and groom and even customised sculptures!

Best Balloon Shop Delivery in Singapore 4


Balloon Room Styling Package

If you like the look of the room styling with balloons, Balloon Shop can create the exact same room styling for you. Of course, you can request for a change in the colour of the balloon, and let them know any special request you need.

Best Balloon Shop Delivery in Singapore 5

In conclusion, Balloon Shop provides flexibility and personalised service is what makes them stands out from the rest of the balloon companies in Singapore. Feel free to browse through Balloon Shop and order balloons for your loved ones! Happy shopping!

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