Carnival Event Planning Company in Singapore 1

Carnival Event Planning Company in Singapore

As the leading carnival event planning company in Singapore, Big Top has done various event planning and management for various companies ranging from family days and road shows, to DnD and private parties. Everyone loves to attend a carnival event, but planning a successful carnival can be expensive as it involve decorations, food, games, fringe activities, rides and a great host! Depending on the space and flexibility of your venue and how grand you want your event to be, it is actually possible to plan an amazing carnival with a limited budget to work with. Here are the top 6 tips to plan an affordable yet amazing carnival event!


Use your own Venue

Use your own venue if you have one. Instead of spending a huge sum of money renting another venue, why not use that same amount of money and turn your space into a carnival with decorations and carnival games! It will be interesting to see the same space that turns into something else, while saving a huge sum of money.

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Rent instead of Buy

Why buy it if you are using it for a day or two? Instead of customising a new set of carnival games for your event, why not rent from Big Top and customise your branding on our game stalls?

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Live Food Stations instead of Buffet

Here in Singapore, food plays an important role during an event. Nobody is going to be happy attending an event if there are no food and drinks involve. If you are having a tight budget, let your guests to have a their meals first before attending an event, and serve light snacks such as popcorns, candy floss, ice cream, hotdog bun stations, churros… we guarantee your guests are going to love it!

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Decorate with Balloons and Carnival Equipment

Instead of having various customised props for your event, decorate your venue with balloons such as floating helium balloons, balloon arch and balloon columns! Carnival equipment such as fun fair game stalls, bouncy castles and carnival rides served as a great decoration at a carnival event as well!

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Seating Areas

The most common seating area at a carnival event is where the stage is, where chairs are line facing the stage. Till date, we always notice event planners missed out having a good seating area for their guest to enjoy their food, or taking a break after walking around the event. Imaging long tables and benches, where it doesn’t takes up much space yet able to sit 8 – 10 people a table!

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Carnival Host and Music

A good carnival host and DJ can bring up the mood and atmosphere of an event, but a bad one can ruined your event instantly. Either have a good host for your event, or don’t have a host at all! NEVER save on spending on a good host and music! If you are working with a tight budget, having just a background music works equally well too. If the venue sound system is bad, insist to rent an external sound system because the last thing you want is to have no music at your event.

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Want to know more? Contact our friendly event planner and find out how we can make your carnival event a success!

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