Big Top provides various kids carnival rides rental in Singapore! From water rides such as paddle boats to carnival rides such as go kart racing and battery animal rides, or even amusement rides… we have it all! Discover the different carnival rides we offer below:

Paddle Boats Carnival Ride

Add more fun to your children poolside party by providing these adorable paddle boats! Or, if you are holding a carnival event, a mini paddle boats set-up will be a great activity for all water-loving kids! Give your party or event an edge by renting these paddle boats now!

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Go Kart Racing

We bring the Go-Kart Racing experience to your event venue in Singapore! Professional Imagine professional go-kart battery cars with red and white F1 race tracks, create the best go-kart experience for your guests! Our go-kart racing is suitable for kids age 7 and above! Discover our go-kart carnival ride here!

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Battery Cars Carnival Rides

Children (both boys and girls!) are always thrilled to ‘drive’ a car! Our battery cars are realistic, just like your own! Your young guests will have fun ‘zooming’ around the place in our battery cars at very safe speeds.

Rent these battery cars for your carnival or event! It is sure to draw attention and provide plenty of Instagram-worthy shots!

Carnival Rides 13

Inflatable Race Track

Make your race even more exciting by renting an inflatable race track for your party or event! This inflatable race track can completely transform your event area! It is also safe for kids as there are no hard bumps. It is also heavy and sturdy enough to be held in place. Contact us to find out more!

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Carnival Rides 15


Battery Animal Carnival Rides

Want a animal ride at your carnival? While we do not rent out real animals, we have battery animal carnival rides! We have a range of animals to choose from! Cuddly and colourful with happy music, our battery animal carnival rides are very popular and well-loved by kids!

Contact us now to add this for your event!

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Manual Animal Carnival Rides

Big Top also offers manual animal carnival rides! These animal rides are installed with paddles so your young guests can paddle them around like a tricycle! Available in many different animals, from horses to bears! These simple manual rides can be a great add-on to your party or event!

Contact us now to find out more!

Carnival Rides 21

Rodeo Bull Carnival Ride

Previously only found in Spain, now you can have a Rodeo Bull Carnival Ride at your event too! Suitable for adults, now everyone can have a go at the Rodeo Bull to see how long they can stay atop of the ferocious bull! Don’t worry if you can’t tame the bull and fall off it as our bouncy platform will protect you from any hard knocks or bruises!

Excite your guests by providing this Rodeo Bull Ride at your party or event now! It will definitely be a night to remember!

Carnival Rides 22

Wave Surfer Carnival Rides

Big Top offers many unique rides, and one of them is this Wave Surfer Carnival Ride! Your guests will have fun trying to balance on a mechanical-operated surfing board! If you have a beach-themed party or water-sports event, this Wave Surfer Carnival Ride will be the perfect add-on! It is a fusion of bouncy castle and wakeboarding!

Add some excitement and thrill to your party or event! Contact us now to find out how you can rent the Wave Surfer Ride for your party or event!

Carnival Rides 23

Amusement Rides

We are proud to be an affiliate partner of Jkids Amusement to provide you with all the kiddy amusement rides listed below! Starting from just $1800/ride for a full day rental, you can be sure that every kid will go crazy over these amusement rides at your event!

Carnival Rides 24

This train doesn’t need a train tracks to move around! It’s good to go on any surface! It’s classic train design is also very endearing and will attract both the young and the old for a good ol’ ride!

Carnival Rides 25

Our pretty and colourful ferris wheel can seat both children and adults. It is a ‘beginner’ ferris wheel ride for kids to enjoy the fun of going up high in a cozy cabin!

Carnival Rides 26

Classic funfair ride – its bright orange-and-yellow colours will attract young children to try their hand in ‘flying’ it! Our Heli Jet ride is a must-have for your carnival!

Carnival Rides 27


Chair Swings are always fun! Available in various speeds, children will enjoy the magical feeling of flying round and round on a swing! An adorable and fun ride for kids, a chair swing is a must-have for your carnival!
Carnival Rides 28

A horse carousel is a dream come true for both the young and the old! Our Royal Horse Carousel can carry both children and adults. With its bright lights and carnival music, it will serve well as the centrepiece of your event or party!

Carnival Rides 29

Pirate Ship for beginners! Our Mini Pirate Ship can carry both children and adults. Although it is a mini version of the real thing, the thrill factor is as high as the adult version’s! Children will have fun on this beautifully designed pirate ship! A must-have for all carnivals! Contact us now to see how you can rent this for your carnival or event!

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