Claw Machine Rental Up for Grabs Today! 1

Claw Machine Rental Up for Grabs Today!

Have always dreamt of catching your favourite plush toy out of a claw machine? Love the excitement of steering the claw and winning a prize from the claw machines?

Here’s a fun fact for you! Did you know?

The chance of winning a claw machine is 1 in 15 people. 1 in 15 people would be able to receive a prize from the claw machine. Thus the arcades earn 2 to 5 times more money and profit because of this impossible game.


Claw Machine Rental Up for Grabs Today! 2


The claw machine craze has always caught much attention and brought many into it. The excitement where you see the claw getting a grip of the prize or looking at people getting away with a prize from the claw machine makes you want to try more and try your ‘ luck ‘.

But what if today, I tell you that you can now play it all you want and practice all you want? What if I tell you, you can now bring this excitement and joy to your guests at your upcoming event?


Claw Machine Rental Up for Grabs Today! 3

Big Top now allows you to rent claw machines at a cheap and affordable rate that will definitely be worth every cent of yours!

We have several types of machines up for grabs such as Claw Machine for Events, Customised Claw Machine and you can even purchase a claw machine for your own usage or your retail shops! Want it just for a one-day event? We got that covered too! Whatever you want is whatever we have in a claw machine.

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To book, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our friendly sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! Alternatively, you may also WhatsApp us here!

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