CNY God of Fortune Mascot Rental in Singapore

In just a month’s time, it will be one of our many favourite occasions. Have you guessed what it is? That’s right it is Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is the season where all of us get fat from all the delicious snacks and food that we get to eat while visiting and also our favourite part (especially for the young ones) which is receiving ang paos!

Personally, I love Chinese New Year! Not because of the food and ang paos even though that’s really good, but it is because Chinese New Year is the time where all of our relatives gather together and actually spend quality time together. It is a once in a year thing for me that I get to see everyone even my extended families all in one place and that really means a lot to me.

God of Fortune Mascot Rental

This Chinese New Year, even though changes have to be made in accordance with the latest Covid regulations, let’s not allow that to dampen our spirits for this festive occasion! To hype up your new year, Big Top has decided to give a discount on our Cai Shen Ye also known as the God Of Fortune mascot rental!

What better way than to celebrate your Chinese New Year with the God of Fortune right before your eyes right?

Here are some photos of our mascot from the previous year:


Our new FU LU SHOU mascot costume will be arriving soon! Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram page for more updates.

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