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Big Top corporate family day event planning in Singapore offers a wide range of activities at the cheapest rate, because we own over 400 in-house carnival equipment! Imagine fun-filled carnival games, bouncing castles, roving stilt-walker, interactive magic show performance, lucky draw event, creative fringe activities and venue filled with balloons all around! We have plan and manage over 100 family day events over the past few years!

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Corporate Family Day Event Planning in Singapore

Our event planning team is experienced in planning and managing celebratory events, and organising corporate family day event in Singapore is just one of our specialities. Depending on your event requirements, corporate family day events can be executed with complete infrastructure including marquees, portable toilets and full event catering. We can even host the family day at your office, or a large air-conditioned venue as well!

Our team offers a 100% satisfaction services for our client by first creating the experiences that our client’s love to have for their family day event, and work within our client’s budget that they are comfortable with.

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6 Key Items for a Corporate Family Day:

Choosing of Venue Stage programmes & fringe activities F&B or Light snacks catering
Invitation, Posters, signage Designs and venue decor Door gifts, logistics and manpower coordinating Registration booth

5 Steps to organise a successful Corporate Family Day

  1. Our team will first create a detailed project plan, which consists of your allocated budget, key milestones and the required resources.
  2. We will then send you a proposal with the types of activities that are suitable for your participants of all ages, fitness level and importantly, aligned with your overall objectives of your event.
  3. Once everything is confirmed, we will create a checklist and establish a run sheet to monitor the event flow.
  4. We will coordinate with all vendors, manpower and work with the venue for the things we required.
  5. On-site manager and assistants will be there to ensure your event runs smoothly.

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Past Corporate Family Day Events


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With our past experiences organising corporate family day events all over Singapore, our event planner in Singapore wants to bring the fun to you as well! Imagine a company-wide event where everyone is invited, and employees are able to bring their spouses and children, too! It’s not just the employees who will be having fun, but they get to connect with their family members in an entirely new way!

Contact us now and enjoy our corporate family day solutions! All your employees in your company will thank you tomorrow!

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