Let your customers have a peace of mind by showing them how you disinfect your premises, and anyone who enters. Big Top introduces our cheap disinfect solutions that is applicable for offices, childcare, schools, playground, hotels, shopping malls, events and many more! We are proud to be working with the top disinfectant machine company in Singapore, Dif Solutions. Keep your place clean and safe with our disinfectant machine today!

Disinfectant Misting Machine for Sale

Here’s 10 reasons why you should choose our disinfectant machine:

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Effective Disinfecting
  • Cost efficient and Safe
  • Safe for Kids
  • Easy to use
  • Use for Disinfecting and Air Humidifier
  • Movable on wheels (No wire)
  • Portable (small in size)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 1 year warrenty

= SGD1980 (up to $2680)

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Disinfectant Misting gate

Disinfectant misting gate is suitable for fast moving and high traffic places such as schools, office, kids playground, shopping malls, public transport stations, airport and many more! Let your customers or the people who are entering your premises have a peace of mind with our disinfection misting gate today! Customisation of our gates are available as well!

Rental Rates:

$800/1st Day, $200/Subsequent Day
(Disinfectant liquid and Manpower NOT included)

Disinfectant Liquid: $59/5 Litres Bottle
(1 hour usage – approximately 3-4 Litres)

Rates for Sale:

Standard Gate: SGD3180/- (1.5m Length, 2.1m Height)
Customised Gate: SGD4980 onwards (depending on size and design)

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Standard Disinfectant Misting gate


Customised Disinfectant Gate Design


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