Big Top is the first carnival rental company to introduce kiddy go-kart racing for hire in Singapore! Our commercial go-kart is safe and suitable for kids age 6 and above! (Even Adults are able to ride with no issue). Big Top Go-Kart racing is powered by replaceable batteries that can last up to 3 hours! These batteries can then be switch to a new set of fully charged batteries so it doesn’t disrupt your event flow.

Go-Kart Racing for Hire in Singapore

We bring the go-kart racing experience to you!

Looking for a unique carnival ride rental in Singapore? Our go-kart racing is one of the most popular carnival rides you can have at your event! Below is a video of our go-kart racing in action!

Go-Kart Racing for Hire in Singapore 2


Go-Kart Battery Cars Rental

Available in 4 different colours, our go-kart battery cars rental is available with and without the track. If your event venue has a suitable space to have this go-kart activities, hire our go-kart battery cars for your upcoming event and impress your guests today!

Go-Kart Modular Racing Tracks Rental

Our go-kart modular tracks rental are available in standard Racing Red and White colour, the standard colour for any F1 car racing event and national day events in Singapore! Get the full go-kart experience by having these beautiful modular race tracks. Whether you have a big empty space, or an unconventional space with pillars, we can customise the racing track to fit into the venue you have.

Looking for the perfect carnival rides for your upcoming party or event? Still unsure if your venue is suitable to have these go-kart racing experience or how much space is needed? Simply contact our friendly sales assistant for more information today!

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Budget Friendly

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We do our best to ensure that the rates here are reasonable and good!

Professional Team

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A team of experienced people in the field will ensure success for your event!

Timely Responses

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Our team is always around to answer any inquiries you have!

All-In-One Event

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We have everything you need to execute your event!

Suitable for

Corporate events

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Best for Corporate Retreat, Office Opening, & Events!

Private parties

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Amazing for specific events, themes, or parties!

Special occasions

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Wonderful for Weddings, Birthday Parties, & Events!

Corporate Clients

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How long can I rent this for?

Depending on the period of your event, it can vary from hours to days! Just give us a call to determine the period of rental duration based on your event needs and requirements!

How does this rental service work?

Simple! All you have to do is contact us about your event details and needs, and we will help you through the process! Our team will discuss the details regarding availability, pricing, and any other additional servings you may need!

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