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Looking for a Grand opening and Product Launch Event Planner in Singapore? Here in Big Top, we specialise in celebratory event planning and management in Singapore. With a wide range of in-house launching mechanism rental, and a experienced production team to customise your launch requests, you can be assured to have a blast at your launch event!

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Here in Big Top, we have execute various grand opening ceremony and product launch event at various locations in Singapore! From the opening of a new office or retail outlet, to launching a new handheld product or a large art pieces, we are here to help create an unforgettable experience for your launch event!

When it comes to choosing the best launching mechanism for your event, it depends on various factors such as your event theme, budget, and desired impact. Here are a few popular launching mechanisms that you can consider.

Grand Opening Ceremony

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If you are hosting a grand opening ceremony for your new property or retail outlet, our experienced and professional event planners is here to help take charge of everything, turning your ideas into a reality. Our team is able to design and customise the ideas you have, and recommend the best launch mechanism base on your theme, location, budget and our past experiences to make your event a success!

Product Launch Event

Planning a product launch event is a whole different concept as compared to planning a corporate event. This is because there are 2 main focuses that the audiences need to pay attention to. Firstly, the main highlight of the event should be the VIP that includes the CEO of the company, the product creators, and all other personnel that are involve in the product or company as they make their way to the stage.

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Remember, the best launching mechanism is the one that aligns with your event goals, creates a memorable experience, and generates excitement among your audience. Consider consulting with an experienced event planner who can help you choose the perfect launching mechanism for your specific event.

Our experienced team understand the during a product launch, the impact to reveal a product is the key to a successful launch. Imagine exploding balloons and confetti cannon, coordinating with sound and lights to reveal your product is what makes it stays in the mind of the audience. A product launch ceremony isn’t just for the attendees at the event, but for the press and social media as well. Contact us to find out how we can help manage a successful product launch event for you today!

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