How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 1

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021

Big Top is a top carnival event planner in Singapore! From family day, carnival theme DnD, children day celebration and roadshow carnival, we have done it all! If you are looking to have a upcoming carnival theme party or event, here’s a quick guide on how to plan a carnival event in Singapore 2021  like a professional event planner!

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 2

Carnival Event Goals

Is your event…

1. Primarily a fund-raiser?
2. Primarily for fun?
3. For fun and profit?
4. Staff/Employees Bonding
5. Other __________________

Date & Time:

Set the date(s), time and location of your event (Indoor or outdoor?)

TIP: If you are having an outdoor event, be sure to have a rainy day plan.

Estimated Size of Event:

When planning the size of your event, consider the following:
1. Number of workers available
2. Estimated attendance
3. Your budget
4. Type of space available. (Is it suitable for your event?)

Fringe Activities

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 3

Event Talents and Stage Entertainment

Decide on your roving entertainment, fringe activity stations and stage entertainment for the best carnival experiences. Depending on the goal and budget of your event, having a good number of fun fringe activities and amazing stage entertainment will keep your guest staying throughout your event.

Live Food Stations

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 4

Choose whether you would like to provide a proper meal for your guest, carnival snacks such as popcorn, candy floss, hotdog bun, cup corns etc… or both! As we all know, going to a carnival event without any food catered is a disaster. If you are simply planning a small carnival party, do consider getting at least 1 or 2 carnival snacks.

Carnival Games

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 5
Knock down Teeth

To assist you in your game selection, look through our website or request for our carnival game catalogue! Depending on your budget and theme, you may also want to consider having some arcade games at your event as well!

We recommend using some new games and different prizes every year. Bring back the most popular but add something NEW each year so your game area stays interesting. Be sure to consider the ages of those attending your event to help determine the number of games for younger kids, older kids, adults, etc.

Lucky Draw

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 6
Inflatable Cash Flow

Singaporeans love lucky draw especially at a ticketed carnival event. A lucky draw helps to keep your guest from leaving the event early, and get them excited throughout the event. It is also one of the ways that gets people talk about the event even after it has ended.

Event Logistics

Ticketing and Registration

If you are organising a, event with more than 100pax, a good ticketing and registration system is required to ensure non of your guests are missed out.


How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 7


These signs make it easy for your guest to roam around the event venue on their own, instead of searching for a event worker to guide them. If you are hosting in a large event venue, or a venue with many different room, you will need signages to direct people to the place they need to go, and signage of the games or food stations they are at.

Sound Equipment

Event Sound Speaker Rental

Music makes everything better. Imagine an event without any background music is plain boring. Whether you are organising a small birthday party or a large scale event, always remember to have music!

Tables and Chairs

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 8

Always remember that your guest need to rest! Don’t expect your guests to roam around for 1 – 2 hours without a seating area for them to rest, have some food and drinks, before they continue their adventure at your carnival!

Event Decorations:

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 9

Add a festive air to your event. Consider the following:

  1. Custom Banners – To promote your event or decorate your booths.
  2. Backdrops – Hire a Stage backdrop (for your stage of course) and a Instagram-able Photo Booth backdrop for your guest to snap and share a photo of themselves at your event!
  3. Balloon Decorations – We offer a wide range of balloon decorations such as balloon arch, balloon backdrop, helium balloons and many more!
  4. Bouncy Castles – Yes you are right! Bouncy Castles serve as a nice standalone decorations at a carnival as well!

Delegate Authority and Communicate

Delegate individuals to be in charge of the manpower at an event, the running of the games, registration booth, stage entertainment, coordinating of food and equipment contractors. Have your managers come to you with any problems to resolve. We suggest you use walkie talkies or cell phones to communicate quickly with your Managers.

How to Plan a Carnival Event in Singapore 2021 10


Instruct your assistants what their responsibilities are.

Registration Manager

Have a registration booth right at the entrance of your event where your guest can register themselves upon arrival, and also serve as an information counter at your event.

Logisitc Manager

Determine your needs for water, tables, backdrops, electricity, extension cords, tape, etc. and have them available the evening before the event in a storage area. Have workers set up tents, backdrops, nets, tables, electricity at least 2 hours early or 1 day before the event to avoid any mistakes or items you missed out.

Talent Manager

Ensure you have sent 3 reminders on the week before, 1 day before and on the morning of the event date of your event, as professional event talents may have a busy schedule especially on a weekend, and may missed out your event if no reminders were sent.

Worker Manager

Set up schedule, hand-out schedule, follow-up with workers the day before to verify they will be where they should be. Walk around the day of the event to be sure every game is manned properly and there are personnel available for set-up and tear-down. Be sure to thank your workers at the end of their shift.

Games Manager:

Develop a layout of the booths and attractions so set up will be quick and efficient. Be sure booths are set up and, if necessary, weighted down. Make sure signs and decorations are properly displayed and game is operating properly. Be sure the game is operating properly and you have all the materials needed for the game. During the event, walk around and check that the game is being played properly and prizes are being awarded correctly. Make changes in the way a game is being played immediately if too many prizes are being given out. At the end of the event make sure you have all the materials (i.e. balls, rings, etc.) that came with the game and the game is in good working condition still.

Food Manager:

Work with the Games Manager to set up tables and booths as appropriate. Be sure you have everything you need i.e. table and chairs, electricity, water point etc. when the food equipment arrives.

Timeline of Event

Plan a timeline of your overall event with intervals, and a separate timeline for your stage programmes! Highlight some of the exciting programmes for your guests (such as magic show, celebrities appearance or an interesting workshop they can participate in)..

Equipment Return

At the end of your event all equipment and supplies must be returned according to your rental agreement. Be sure any prizes you wish to return are in unopened packages. Please return your prizes within the week after your event so we can credit your account quickly and properly.

Review and track your success

Thank your committee members who contributed for their contribution and ask for and record any suggestions and problems they have for you to review next year. A reason for your community or organization to gather at least once a year for comraderie, for fun, and for profit if you so choose. We hope you’ll choose to work with us again.


Are you ready to plan and organise your upcoming carnival event? Hire our professional carnival event planner and work with us today! We have over 400 in-house carnival equipment for you to choose from! Contact us for more details.

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