How To Plan A Carnival Event In Singapore 1

How To Plan A Carnival Event In Singapore

If you are wondering how you can plan a carnival event in Singapore, you are at the right place!

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Attending an event has always been a fun and enjoyable thing to do, but planning an event is probably one of the toughest and most challenging stages of any event. Behind the scenes of those funs and peals of laughter are the unsung event planners and workers that have put together their blood, sweat, and tears.

Now let’s skip to the real reason why you’re here! So to plan an event, there are actually five stages to a perfect carnival event that you can have.


Event Concept and Proposal

First up, we have the concept and proposal phase. In this phase it is actually made up of 4 different parts :

  • Event objective – why are you having this event? Perhaps, it is a family day for the staffs to bond and spend some time together or perhaps it is a fundraising event to raise money for a cause or non-profit organization?
  • Event Concept – What is the concept of your event, is there any theme to your event? Would the event be in a carnival-style, a banquet or dinner and dance?
  • Event Content – What is your budget for the event? What would the programme be like on the actual event day? What does your event consist of? Do you have a timeline on the things to do to lead up to the event? If there is food , what kind of food are you having?
  • Selection of venue – Where would you want the event to be held? Is the venue suitable for your event? What are the pros and cons of this venue?

How To Plan A Carnival Event In Singapore 2


Event Sales and Marketing

Secondly, we have the marketing and sales phase. In this phase, we have to ensure that we are sing the right distribution channel to attract our target audience into wanting to come to our event with their excitements and readiness to have fun! Also, if your event requires sponsors, do source for potential sponsors that you can work with and remember to let them know what benefits can they gain from sponsoring you!

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Event Coordinating and Management

Next up, we have the coordination and management phase. This is the phase where everything that you have done should come together in preparation for your event. In this phase, it is where you do your manpower recruitment, assigning of roles and responsibilities for people involved, meeting with sponsors, purchasing of logistics, the build-up of the event venue, pre-event briefing and most importantly a dry run of the event.

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Event Execution

Moving on would be the most exciting event execution phase. Before you actually execute the event, identify the risks and come up with contingency plan for risks management. Also, make sure that your programs are completed and good to go – Mcees, games, performance, talents, VIPs, etc in your programme flow has to be nothing but perfect. Also, one other important aspect that you have to take note of is the logistics. Ensure that your logistic is sufficient and of good amount for the event.

How To Plan A Carnival Event In Singapore 5


Event Follow-up

Last but not least would be the follow-up phase. The end of the event for you truly ends after follow-up phase. It is the phase where you get some feedbacks from the participants for improvements in your future event and do a special appreciation to your sponsors and vendors to maintain good relation with them.


Well, the good news is Big Top can plan, manage and execute the event for you! As the leading carnival event planner in Singapore, we have plan, manage and execute hundreds of events over the last few years! Be it carnivals or parties or banquets, our professional and experienced event planner in Singapore cater to all your needs and wants. All you have to do is to contact us and we will be glad to assist you!

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