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Big Top offers a wide range of launching mechanism rental in Singapore, that are perfect for your grand opening ceremony and official launch events! A great launch strategy and execution mechanism ensure the marketing is effective and garner maximum reach to your target audience. If you are looking for unique or customised launch mechanism ideas that are impactful to amaze your guests, to simple ribbon cutting ceremony with confetti launchers, we have it all! Our launch mechanism is a must-have to hype up and commence the launch of any event, product or service!

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore

Contact us to find out which are the launch mechanism that fits your requirement, budget and theme of your event now!

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Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore

Below are the launching mechanism rental we offer for your official launch events. Our team is also able to customise a launch mechanism for your event as well! Contact us for more information today!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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A ribbon cutting ceremony symbolises the ‘opening’ of something new! Just like when a ribbon is cut from a nicely packaged gift before unwrapping. Mark the grand opening of your event by inviting your Guest of Honours or VIP to cut the ribbons with a pair of golden scissors!

Confetti Cannon

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This launch mechanism is a perfect add-on solutions to any grand opening effect! Depending on the size of your stage, hire up to 6 confetti cannon for your upcoming grand opening event today!

Hand Touch Moving Light Pedestal

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Another simple device for your guest of honour or VIPs to press the button and activate any program or launch of an item.Hand Touch Moving Light Pedestal Launch Effect

Puzzle Light Box

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A simple yet impactful launch mechanism. Piece the puzzle (4 acrylic panel with digital print stickers) together and make the box light up!​ Video: Puzzle Lightbox Launch Effect

I-Ball Display

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 10

The I-Ball is one of the most popular launch mechanism in Singapore! I-ball is a transparent globe that showcases a customised message, logo or design and comes complete with a stand. With remarkable visuals and stunning crystal-clear display, this is the device that fits perfectly into any kind of opening events!

Giant I-Ball Display

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 11

Just like the I-ball display, this giant I-ball display is great for grand opening launch event where you like to showcase your logo or product on a bigger scale! I Ball Launch Effect

Curtain Unveiling Effect

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Pull the curtains apart to reveal the customised plaque, pictures, certificate, artwork etc that can be attached to the wall! A simple yet effective and grand unveiling effects suitable for any grand opening ceremony in Singapore!

Hydraulic Launch Mechanism

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 14

A dramatic entrance of your product lifting up from a box with a simple press of a button.​ Have your company logo, product name or message lighted up while your product makes an appearance.

Balloon Firecracker Popping Effect

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 15

A viral Tik Tok balloon firecrackers that replace the dangerous real firecrackers. This will certainly bring a big “BANG” to your event! A safer alternative to the traditional firecrackers that may probably go viral during CNY again!

Giant Advertising Balloon Rising Banner

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 16

Go big… REALLY BIG! Capture the attention of your audience from afar with this gigantic ball of light with logo or message on the balloon itself. Upon launching the event, this giant balloon will lift a banner below and showcase your message to everyone!

Exploding Balloon Raising Banner

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 17

An exciting launch mechanism to reveal a banner for an opening ceremony! With a single press on the remote control, have the giant balloon explode with confetti bursting out, and make your banner rise up into the air!

Exploding Balloon Wall Effect

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 18

A unique way to showcase your product in a flash! Activate the bursting of balloons and unveil the logo or product hidden behind. The loud pop sound of the giant balloons will definitely capture the attention of your audience! Exploding Balloons Launch Effect

Exploding Balloons Effect

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 19

Ever want to have an interesting, never-before-seen launch mechanism? Unveil your product, signboard by having these exploding giant balloons! Have the balloons above the VIP with shinny confetti bursting out, or you can choose to have the balloons explode on the ground with small helium balloons floating up the ceiling! Video: Exploding Balloons Launch Effects

Balloons Drop

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 20

Imagine hundreds, if not thousands of balloons drop from the sky! Balloons drop is mainly use as an add-on effect for launch ceremony, but it can also be a highlight on its own! Balloon drop has been around for a long time, and our launch mechanism activate using a a string-pull activation that guarantee it’s drop, while leaving 0 balloons stuck in the net. Video: Balloons Drop Launch Effect

Floating Balloon Wall

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 21Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 22

Reveal your product that is hiding behind our large balloon wall that floats up to the ceiling by cutting the string on two ends. We work with the best balloon company in Singapore to create this magical launch effect!

LED Wall + Animated Video Launch

Launching Mechanism Rental in Singapore 23

Comes with a customised animated video such as a countdown timer video playing on the LED wall, your guest go honours gently touch the button display on the LED screen to activate the animated video! This will definitely wow the audience during an opening ceremony! Animated Video wall Launch

Unable to find the launch mechanism that fits your event? Here in Big Top, we design and build custom product launch mechanism to suit your event needs.

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Grand Opening Launch Ceremony Event Planner

Below are some of the grand opening launch production we have done! If you are looking for a grand opening launch ceremony event planner, contact us now to find out how we can create a successful launch event experience. More opening launch ceremony video can be found on our youtube channel here.


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