Lighted Tripod Balloon 1

Our Lighted Tripod Balloon Singapore draws attention to your event whether it is daytime or night time! We are able to customise the balloon with your event’s name or company’s logo in different fonts and colours.

Lighted Tripod Balloon Singapore

At night or in a dark room, our Lighted Tripod Balloon emits a warm, welcoming glow and continues to deliver the message on it to masses. Take a look below to see what we have to offer and get some ideas for your event!

Lighted Tripod Balloon 2

Lighted Tripod Balloon Singapore

Lighted Tripod Balloon 3

Excited to get a Lighted Tripod Balloon now? Contact us to have it at your event!

Lighted Tripod Balloon

  1. Large Advertising Lighted Tripod Balloon (1.3m balloon)
  2. Giant Advertising Lighted Tripod Balloon(1.6m balloon Recommended!)
  3. Mega Advertising Lighted Tripod Balloon (2.2m balloon)
  4. Custom Vinyl Sticker on Balloon – Complimentary 1 sided
  5. Custom Printed Advertising Balloon – Please contact us for quote

For more information of our Giant Advertising Balloon or Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand, contact our friendly sales assistant now!

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Our price is inclusive of delivery, set-up, dismantle and collection of equipment. Price is negotiable for renting of balloon/s for more than a month, or renting of 2 or more balloons for your event.

We can customise different shapes and sizes according to your needs. Please contact us and find out how we can help customise the balloon for you!

Terms and Condition

  • Please book with us at least 5 days in advance. Client is to provide us logo file in AI format.
  • Rental price is inclusive of delivery, set up, dismantle and collection of equipment.
  • Please provide 1x powerpoint per balloon light stand.
  • Balloon Printing requires 3 weeks in advance after confirmation.

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