Live Food Stations Rental in Singapore

Big Top offers a wide variety of live food stations rental in Singapore! From the popular popcorn and candy floss, to the traditional ice cream cart and Tutu Kueh, and premium food stations such as churros and grilled hotdog buns, we have it all! Below are some of our carnival live food stations rental we provide for a few private events!

Live Popcorn and Candy Floss Station


Live Churros Station


Live Grill Hotdog Bun Station


Traditional Muah Chee Live Station

(We serve it warm for the best tasting experience!)


Tutu Kueh Live Station

We provide more than 20 different live food stations for you to choose from. Discover the full list of our live food stations here. If you are getting two or more items, simply enquire with our sales assistant for a discounted package rate!


Call/WhatsApp/Email our friendly sales assistant, or simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our sales assistant will reply as soon as we receive your form!

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