Having a Lucky Draw at your event?

Big Top provides Lucky Draw Machine Rental!

We have a variety of Lucky Draw Machines to choose from! Take a look and take your pick!

Spin the Wheel

Whether your event is at a supermarket or at a trade fair, Big Top’s Spinning Wheel machine is perfect for your lucky draw segment!

Your customers/clients get to spin the wheel to win attractive prizes! Everyone likes to feel lucky and this Spinning Wheel is sure to grab everyone’s attention to your event!

Our Spinning Wheel is fully customisable for your event! Contact us now to find out more!

Cash Flow Machine

Another great way to bring the buzz to your event!

Our Cash Flow Machine never fails to grab the attention of passers-by! Use it as a way to promote your goods and services! Customers can grab as many notes as they can in the Cash Flow Machine in exchange for prizes or cash! Use it any way you want to!

Consult us to see how you can rent this Cash Flow Machine to make your event an exciting one!

Arcade Machines

Our arcade machines are customisable for your company or event! We have a range of machines like a key pusher, a claw machine or a Cubix Up!

It is recently very popular to get prizes in a machine using a combination of luck and skill! These machines are sure to get people interested! Place them in your shop or event to increase walk-in rate!

Contact us now to see what our arcade machines can do for your event!

Gashapon Machine

Rent our Gashapon Machines for your event! We have Gashapon Machines for both small and large capsule balls! Everyone loves getting a surprise from Gashapon Machines! These timeless machines are addictive and fun! Read on to see the Gashapon Machines we offer!

Small Capsule Balls

Our Gashapon Machine for small capsule balls are available in two bold colours of red and green! Attractively designed to mimick a bubble gum dispenser, our Gashapon Machines will effectively display the colourful small capsule balls and be the limelight of your event! Your customers can view the capsule ball as it rolls down the spiral to the collection point! Our Gashapon Machines are great fun for everyone! Contact us now to rent them for your event!


Large Capsule Balls

We have Gashapon Machines for Large Capsule Balls as well! Our Large Capsule Balls allow bigger-sized items or more items to be inserted!

Contact us now to find out more about our Gashapon Machines!

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