Big Top is offers Mega Playground concept for all party and events in Singapore! Attract crowd from far and wow your guest with our customisable mega bricks playground. We are the leading Mega Brick supplier in Singapore and we have done various projects for private parties, corporate events and shopping malls! Whether you are looking to purchase or rent our mega bricks, we are here to help! Here’s why you should purchase or rent our mega bricks:

Mega Playground 1

  • Customisable size
  • Light Weight
  • Good Resilience, anti-shock, anti-press, high energy absorbing
  • Waterproof
  • Fire-resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, anti-chemical
  • Non-toxic, no smell – Safe for kids.
  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly

Unlike many, our mega brick is approximately 1.5cm longer than other bricks in the market. Our high quality bricks are slightly heavier, smooth, more durable and at the same time… affordable! Look no further and enquire with us today!

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Mega Playground 2 Mega Playground 3 Mega Playground 4 Mega Playground 5


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