New Carnival Games Equipment Rental Singapore 1

New Carnival Games Equipment Rental Singapore

Introducing to you our new carnival games equipment Rental Singapore! Big Top initially has more than 200 in-house party equipment for rental! However, we decided to expand further and bringing more joy to you! For the new carnival games rental, we have with us the foosball table, air hockey table, golf game and Skee Ball Game! With the varieties of our equipment rental, you will definitely find the one that is suitable for your event or party! Don’t miss the opportunity and enquire to find out more!



We now have with us multi player air hockey table which is able to cater up to 6 pax maximum! It is definitely suitable for your event or party as you are able to tag team and play against one another which make the game even more exciting! Hurry enquire from us now!


We have many varieties of foosball table for you to choose from! We have 2 new foosball table available for you to rent! It is the foldable foosball table and the bar top foosball table. They both are very convenient and do not require much space. As for the bar top, it looks aesthetic definitely goes well with your event.


We have added 3 more golf game for you! Premium Zig Zag Golf game, Premium golf game and large golf game! You can have a mini golf event or party at home with your friends and unleash your skills for golf.


We have the new carnival game, Skee Ball Game available for rental. Roll the ball up the inclined lane and aim for the bullseye ring. Score as many points as you can! It is a good bonding game as well.

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