Prepacked Popcorns and Candy Floss 1

Prepacked Popcorns and Candy Floss

Looking for small bites and snacks for your event but afraid of the COVID 19 situation? As popcorn and candy floss is a go to snack for events or parties, , we offer the cheapest Prepacked Popcorns and Candy Floss in a plastic cup for your event or parties. From just $0.80/pax onwards, it is the cheapest Prepacked Popcorns and Candy Floss you can find in town! You can reduce the trouble of popping the popcorns yourself as we will do it for you! The prepacked snacks does not have to be for events or parties, when you are watching a movie or television show, you can eat it as well because it is super convenient!

Prepacked Popcorns and Candy Floss

Our prepacked popcorns and candy floss are packed in hot sealed 12oz plastic cup and it is very convenient for the guests to eat while walking around your event or party. You do not have to worry that there will be a queue as it is packed in advance for you to give it out to your guests that will be attending your event. What u waiting for? Grab our freshest, sweetest Pre-Packed Popcorn and fluffiest, most luscious Candy floss from us right now!

Prepacked Popcorns and Candy Floss 2


Prepacked Popcorns and Candy Floss 3

Prepacked Carnival Snacks

Other than prepacked popcorn and candy floss, we also offer savory food or snacks such as prepacked muah chee and traditional snacks for your guests that attend your event. Our traditional biscuits consist of the legendary gem biscuit, haw flakes, crackers and many more! It is value for money as there are different types of snacks for them in a single packet. Eating traditional snacks would bring back the childhood memories they had back then.

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