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Calling all the gamers out there!

Are you bored at home from the Covid situation that is happening in Singapore? Have always dreamt of playing video game consoles all day but doesn’t have it at home?  Always crashing at your friend’s place to play Overcooked / FIFA / Resident Evil/ Battlefield?

Attention! We have a solution for you! 

We are now offering you a chance to play all your favourite games without purchasing one! Big Top has all the well-loved and popular game consoles in store just for you! Why not, let’s take a scroll on what we have :

1. VR game console rental 

Rent a Video Game Console With Us Today! 1

What is a VR?

VR actually stands for virtual reality. With a VR game console, it places you into an experience that seems so realistic that you will lose yourself in that moment. It stimulates and engages your behaviour into the role of the first-person character in the game. Be it a pilot flying a plane, a hero who needs to save the victims or a robot that needs to complete the tasks given. With a VR game console, you will be able to step into the shoes of the characters.

2. Wii game console rental 

Rent a Video Game Console With Us Today! 2

Did you think that what they were holding was a remote control?

Guess what? It was a game controller that gives you the control of the games that you are going to be so engrossed in. Have a tennis ball coming towards you? Swing the game controller to hit the tennis ball and be a player in a competitive tennis game!  Else, you can get on an adventure with Rayman with a mission to save his friends!

3. Nintendo Switch game console rental 

Rent a Video Game Console With Us Today! 3

Want to play it with your friends?

Fret not! The Nintendo Switch allows up to 4 players at the same time which means you can play with 3 other friends! Remember when animal crossing and overcooked hit the popularity tier list that literally every one of your friends was playing especially during circuit breaker? Now you will have a chance to ‘chiong’ animal crossings and overcooked all you want!

4. Playstation game console rental 

Rent a Video Game Console With Us Today! 4

Playstation game console has always been a number one go do when you mention video game consoles. It has been known for quite a number of years and has been well-loved by many. Remember playing Final Fantasy with your friends while spamming the buttons on the control?

5. Xbox 360 game console rental 

Rent a Video Game Console With Us Today! 5
Did you know?

Microsoft has actually stopped producing Xbox 360 after 10 years of production. It has been a console that brought many joys and laughter to people back then a few years ago. In it has several known fun games that many of us were once addicted to such as GTA , Far Cry , Mass Effect and many more!

The good news is that you can now rent any of these consoles at a low and affordable price with Big Top!  Our prices are all inclusive of delivery, set up, TV with Tv stand, dismantle and collection of equipment. It would be the most affordable deal that you cannot find elsewhere! So wait no more and rent it for your birthday party, family gathering, corporate event, or just a day at home for you to chiong the levels!


To book, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our friendly sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! Alternatively, you may also WhatsApp us here!

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