With over 10 years in professional event management, Big Top understands that a good sound system is crucial for an event’s success. Instead of a cheap sound system rental, why not invest a little bit more for a high-quality sound system for better assurance?

Whether it’s for a small karaoke event or a big outdoor event requiring a quality audio system, Big Top has you covered.

Not only do we offer high-quality audio system, we also share our expertise in suggesting the most suitable setup for your event according to your budget needs.

Additionally, if you need non-stop background hits for your party or event, we have experienced sound technicians who can work with you at your event. We also provide professional DJs who can work with your emcee to deliver the perfect music or sound effects! Have a bigger event of over 200 people? We have additional speakers to make sure you get heard by everyone at your party or event!

Contact us today to find out how we can help complement your party or event and make it a roaring success!

PA sound system set with 2x Speakers
Recommended for up to 200pax-indoor / 150pax-outdoor.

Big Top provides professional and affordable sound system for all types of events!

  • 2x Loud Speakers on Tripod
  • Audio Mixer
  • Graphic Equalizer
  • CD/MP3 Disk Player – (with also mp3 cable to sound system)
  • Wireless Vocal Mic – 2x Digital Wireless – Wireless Handheld System
  • Includes all electrical extensions, audio cables, spare batteries.
  • Also includes delivery, setup, sound check, and collection.


  • Karaoke System
  • Manpower (Sound Technician)
  • Professional DJ
  • Additional speakers

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