Big Top provides over 20 different table box game stalls rental in Singapore! If you are looking for cheap carnival game stalls for rent, your search ends here! Unlike many others, the sizes of our game stalls are bigger! With a size of 0.93m by 0.93m, these carnival games look a lot better at your event!

Table Box Game Stalls

$100/stall/1st day rental (minimum 3 carnival games)
$20/stall/subsequent day rental

Colourful, attractive and accessible to all, our table box game stalls are always popular with our clients! Choose from our selection of table box game stalls and station them at your party or event! Our games are all highly enjoyable and immensely interesting! From bowling to racing to shooting games, have fun choosing something that suits your party or event best!

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Big Top owns more than 100 in-house arcade machines, video games and carnival games in Singapore! Click on the link below to discover the full list of carnival games rental we provide:

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