Big Top introduce our professional thermal scanner station for hire in Singapore! We use the best thermal imaging scanning equipment and infrared thermometer stand to ensure your event is safe with us. Look no more as we offer the cheapest price in Singapore! Here’s how our temperature screening station looks like:

Thermal Scanning Station for hire in Singapore

Thermal scanning station is best for high human traffic premises such as exhibition, concert, events, stadiums, shopping malls, office buildings and many more. Our high technology thermal scanner rental uses can detect a person with high fever and set off a sound and light alarm to inform the staff. Once the alarm is triggered, our software program automatically capture images of the person with high temperature as well! The staff can then assist the guests and stop him or her from entering the venue.

Our thermal scanning station includes the following:

  • Thermal Imager Scanner
  • Laptop with Software program
  • 42inch TV monitor displaying our camera images
  • Temperature screening operator
  • Additional set of infrared thermometer (to confirm reading)
  • Delivery, set up and collection

Thermal Scanner Station for Hire in Singapore

Infrared Thermometer Stand Rental

Infrared Thermometer stand rental is cheap and effective, and it’s suitable for low traffic venue with limited budget. Our infrared thermometer are use in shopping malls, offices, hotels and various events as well. The thermometer is placed on a tripod stand and powered by batteries, so you can place the stand anywhere in the room! Our infrared thermometer stand rental comes with the following:

  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Adjustable Tripod Stand
  • 1 set of batteries per day
  • Delivery and set up
  • Installation and adjustment of settings
  • Collection of equipment

Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Rental

One of the essential at the entrance or counter is having a auto hand sanitizer dispenser stand for your guest to keep their hands clean! No touching of machine is involve as there is an auto sensor when you placed your hand below the dispenser. We also use non-alcohol sanitising liquid so that the muslim community is able to use it as well. Our auto hand sanitizer dispenser stand rental comes with the following:

  • Auto hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
  • Adjustable Stand with heavy base
  • 1 set of batteries per day
  • 500ml of hand sanitizer liquid per day
  • Delivery and set up
  • Collection of equipment

Disinfectant Fogging Machine Rental

Disinfectant fogging machine is fast and effective when it comes to disinfecting rooms or equipment. Unlike a misting machine, our disinfectant fogger particles is so small that it can spread to the whole room before dropping to the ground. Electronics items in the room are also safe as well. Our disinfectant fogging machine rental comes with the following:

  • Disinfectant Fogging Machine
  • 100ml of disinfectant concentrate per day
  • Delivery and set up
  • Usage of machine explanation
  • Collection of machine


If you are looking for a trusted event planner in Singapore to plan and mange your upcoming event, contact us for a free consultation today! Big Top is run by a team of experienced event specialist and offers over 400 in-house event and carnival rental in Singapore! Rest assured that your event is in safe hands when you hired Big Top as your trusted event partner!

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