Big Top offers cheap TV rental in Singapore with mobile TV stand from just $250 with delivery, set up and collection! Our TV comes with professional mobile TV stand and a power cable. We also offer interactive digital smart board, touch screen display stand rental, LED digital wall backdrop and gaming console rental as well! Below are the types of TV that are available for rent:

TV Rental in Singapore

43 inch TV Rental

Small scale up to 10 pax. Recommended for Events and Trade Shows where multiple units are rented for Demo Days.

43 inch TV Rental in Singapore

55 inch TV Rental

Mid scale up to 20 pax. Recommended for events, single exhibition booths and trade shows. Multiple units available.

TV Rental in Singapore 2

100 Inch Interactive Digital Smart Board

Large scale up to 50 pax. Recommended for exhibition booths, trade shows, seminars, meetings or large scale presentation and events.

Use as a digital white board (white board image can be save as a jpeg or PDF file), or connect your laptop via HDMI cable.

TV Rental in Singapore 3
TV Rental in Singapore 4

Touch Screen Display Stand Rental

Looking for a touch screen display stand rental for your upcoming event? Manage your queue by having these touch screen display stand that can incorporate with our QR code registration system!

touch screen display stand rental

LED Digital Wall Backdrop Rental

Impress your audience with our LED digital wall backdrop rental in singapore! Our LED wall backdrop size is customisable and you can choose to add on professional event speakers as well!

TV Rental in Singapore 5

Gaming Console Rental in Singapore

Big Top offers Video Gaming Console rental in Singapore! Entertain your crowd at your upcoming events with these gaming consoles:

TV Rental in Singapore 6
Wii Station
TV Rental in Singapore 7
Nintendo Switch
TV Rental in Singapore 8
Xbox 360
TV Rental in Singapore 9
Playstation 4
TV Rental in Singapore 10
Playstation 5
TV Rental in Singapore 11
VR Playstation

Renting a TV for event planning in Singapore can be advantageous for several reasons:

  1. Visual Presentations: TVs are essential for displaying visual presentations, slideshows, videos, and other multimedia content during events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, product launches, and corporate meetings. Renting TVs ensures you have the necessary equipment to effectively convey your message to attendees.
  2. Enhanced Guest Experience: Large-screen TVs can enhance the guest experience by providing clear and engaging visuals, whether it’s for entertainment purposes, informational displays, or showcasing sponsors’ content. Renting high-quality TVs ensures that your guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience at your event.
  3. Versatility: TVs can serve multiple purposes at events, such as displaying event schedules, live streams, social media feeds, interactive polls, and advertisements. Renting TVs with versatile features and connectivity options allows you to adapt to different event requirements and engage attendees effectively.
  4. Brand Visibility: Renting TVs provides opportunities for branding and sponsorship integration, as you can display logos, advertisements, and promotional content on the screens. This helps increase brand visibility and generate revenue through sponsorships or partnerships with companies interested in reaching your event audience.
  5. Flexibility in Screen Size and Quantity: Renting allows you to choose TVs of various sizes and specifications based on your event venue size, audience size, and viewing distance requirements. Whether you need a single large-screen TV for a keynote presentation or multiple TVs distributed throughout the venue for interactive displays, renting gives you the flexibility to customize your setup accordingly.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Renting TVs for events can be more cost-effective than purchasing them outright, especially for one-time or occasional use. It eliminates the need for long-term investments in expensive equipment and reduces the upfront costs associated with buying TVs, maintenance, storage, and depreciation.
  7. Professional Support: Rental companies often provide professional support services, including delivery, setup, technical assistance, and troubleshooting during the event. This ensures that your TV setup runs smoothly and minimizes the risk of technical issues disrupting your event.

Overall, renting TVs for event planning in Singapore offers convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to create engaging and impactful experiences for attendees while meeting your event objectives.

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