Virtual and Hybrid Event Planner in Singapore

Introducing the best virtual and hybrid event planner in Singapore! Big Top offers digital event management with virtual event experiences and solutions, that aims to provide an interactive experience no matter your guests are at the event or behind the screen! Unlike other virtual event company, we understand the audio visual requirement of the venue to run a smooth virtual event, and also how to keep the audience engaged throughout until the end of the event segment. 

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Virtual and Hybrid Event Planner in Singapore

Virtual events have gone beyond simple meetings and webinars where green screen studio is the new event venue and live chats are how we interact with the audiences. Virtual communities can begin forming ahead of the event and be used to continue disseminating information even after the virtual event is over.

Whether it’s a virtual conferences, awards ceremonies, team building, family day or dinner and dance event are live, virtual or hybrid, our virtual event planners are committed to making the experience a meaningful one.

There are different types of possible virtual events production that suits different need. Whether it’s a webinar or virtual conference, and if it is an internal or external event. We start off by thinking about the objective of the event, the duration of the event, the number of participants, and the type of communication before deciding on the type of virtual event that suits your need. Our virtual event planner is here to help you throughout the process.

Virtual Event Planner

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Unlike many, our virtual event planning process is simple to understand and can be broken down to 3 simple steps below:


E-Invitation – Online registration – Email reminder

The event experience begins the moment we connect with your guests. We ensure a seamless registration process from start to finish. Your guests/participants will first receive a customised email invitation to register for the event. A reminder email will also be sent out near the event date to remind your audience about the event. You can also consider to have a customised domain just for your event, and participants can register for the event with their details on the website.

Event Day

For virtual events, content is king! We partner our clients to curate exciting programmes and prepare our stakeholders (speakers, sponsors or exhibitors) for success. To keep the audiences engaged during the virtual event, we can have a few activities such as a performances by various event talents, interactive virtual workshop, live polling and virtual networking session. In addition, our technical support team will be with you throughout the session to assist during technical difficulties as well as ensuring a smooth execution of the event. Below are we can cater during a virtual event:

– Interactive virtual activities
– Live Virtual Performances
– Questions and Answer
– Live Chat
– Live Poll
– Mulit-media gallery
– Presentation
– Virtual-Networking
– Feedbacks


Statistics report

Valuable data captured, analysed and reviewed after each event can help to define and redefine your next event success. There will be detailed statistics report for you to measure the impact of your event. The type of statistics will differ depending on the type of event. Report will cover areas such as the number of participants logged in, the time they spent on the system, the poll results, feedback from the attendees and more. You can have a rough gauge on how well the event went, and the areas of improvement with these statistics.

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Hybrid Event Planner

Combining technology with event management, hybrid event is where you can host a limited number of guests at the venue, and have other participants to view the event show lineup behind the screen. Also just like the virtual event, we have interactive activities lineup for the virtual participants to engage them as well.

Running a hybrid event in Singapore allows you to meet your objectives of educating, building, and raising your brand awareness while maintaining safe distancing measures. Contact our virtual event planner now and arrange an appointment to find out how we can go about turning your digital event ideas into reality.

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Still wondering if we are the virtual event company in Singapore to go for? Contact our virtual event planner for a free consultation now!

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