Christmas Roving Mascot for Hire in Singapore 1

Christmas Roving Mascot for Hire in Singapore

Remember as a child, we always dreamt of Santa knocking on our doors and giving us our desired gifts that we have been wishing for? Remember the cartoons that have been imprinted in your memory of the deers on the sleigh on Christmas night while Santa is handing out gifts?

Christmas Roving Mascot

Christmas Roving Mascot for Hire in Singapore 2

What is Christmas without Santa?

With Christmas coming just around the corner, it means that it is time for the pretty bright lights in Orchard, the lighted Christmas trees all around Singapore and time for some exciting gift giving! Personally, I have always LOVED Christmas as it is a time for me to get together with my family and friends or even attending Christmas parties and events makes me happy. Now Big Top is here to hype you up with our Santa Claus mascot costume rental! Surprise your loved ones or even get dressed up with our Santa Mascot and be the one to fulfill everyone’s fantasy in receiving a gift from Santa!

Christmas Roving Mascot for Hire in Singapore 3

Christmas Roving Mascot for Hire in Singapore 4

Apart from that, to add on to the excitements and fun of Christmas we have several Christmas activities that you can incorporate into your event! We have Christmas caroling that you can watch and sing along with performing live right before your eyes, Christmas art and craft activities and games for you to have your hands on and have plenty of fun with and many more! Let this Christmas be one that is different but yet still enjoyable even with the restrictions we have now. View the full list of entertainers and fringe activities we have here!

Let’s put on our Christmas spirits and get prepped for Christmas together!

Nutcracker Mascot and Gingerbread Man Mascot

Our new nutcracker and gingerbread man mascot is coming to town! Contact us for more information today!

Christmas Roving Mascot for Hire in Singapore 5

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