Let's Get Artsy Together With Your Kids! 1

Let’s Get Artsy Together With Your Kids!

Did you know art and craft activities actually benefit your child? 

According to Mary Ann F. Kohl, she said that creating art may boost young children’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways. Now you might be thinking how does it work and how it makes sense?

When children get their hands on the art and crafts material, they are actually experimenting. Also, children actually feel good about themselves when they are creating, this can in turn, allow art to boost their self-confidence. As they are creating, they are actually using their imagination and unleashing the creativity in them as they have not experienced or even seen the real world. Art and Craft actually bring about several benefits to the kids.

As the leading carnival event planner in Singapore, Big Top has art and craft activities that can kickstart or even be a part of your child’s artistic journey. Has your child always been staring at the window art or sand art shop whenever they walk past it in the shopping malls? Because of Covid, they can no longer do these activities?

Fret not, we have them for you! 

1.Window Art Station

Let's Get Artsy Together With Your Kids! 2

Window art has always been a well-loved activity by the kids as they are now not just using colour pencils on papers but getting their hands on actual paints and actual artwork that they get to do. With a wide variety of designs available, they will definitely have one that they like and want to work on. After completing it , you can not only bring the window art piece home but even feature it on your walls or fridge doors without leaving any marks!


2. Sand Art Station

Let's Get Artsy Together With Your Kids! 3

Sand art has also been a much-loved art and craft activity by the kids and even adults. In this activity, they get a chance to unleash their creativity and paint the artwork with not paints but real-life coloured sands! At our sand art station, you can even choose to have glitters on your sand to make it look prettier!

Interested to have it at your event be it your child’s birthday parties or family gatherings or any others? Enquire with us today and we will bring the art and craft stations to your comfort place or event venue! Our art and craft activities are now up for bookings at a really cheap and affordable price that you will not find elsewhere! So wait no more and allow your kids to unleash their inner Picasso in them and engage their artistic journey today by renting our art and craft stations!

To book, simply click on the button below and fill up a quick form. Our friendly sales assistant will reply as soon as we received your form! Alternatively, you may also WhatsApp us here!

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